Parasite, the Korean film that swept the Oscars, has revealed an embarrassing amount about western film watching habits.

Mostly that even when able to, people refuse to read subtitles either because it’s extra effort (ok... ?) or maybe they just can’t read!

Whatever the reason, some hand wringing has taken place and Parasite’s success has undoubtedly spurred a fresh wave of interest in films where English isn’t the primary language spoken.

Indeed, this week has seen Google searches for ‘learning language’ at their highest for the past 12 months.

Now one savvy internet genius has discovered a tool that means you can learn a whole language, without leaving the comfort of your Netflix and chill cocoon. Now THIS is science.

Twitter user @kihyunitis tweeted excitedly about a new web browser add-on that allows Netflix watchers to learn vocabulary and sentence structure while watching their favourite shows.

!!! language learners!!!” @kihyunitis wrote.

“My friend introduced me to this chrome extension for Netflix users to pick up on vocabulary, sentence structures and definitions! It’s called “Language Learning with Netflix”.

Using the example of Terrace House, they demonstrated how the Google Chrome extension, which was created by two independent developers in December 2018, allows users to learn languages how they’re actually spoken colloquially – which is more helpful for most prospective learners who want to use their languages in social settings.

Unsurprisingly, people are wowed by the discovery.

There were those who thanked the creators.

And others who realised the tool was what they had been looking for this whole time.

Or the ones who were almost ready to get started.

Twitter may be a hellscape but you truly learn something new there every day. Merci!

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