Online storytelling never looked so good

Online storytelling never looked so good

London-based artist Kerry Hyndman has produced a beautiful series of illustrations called 'Off Skipness Point' that recounts one of her Grandpa's tales from when he was a boy at sea.

The story tells of a stormy night in 1928 when he was just a 14-year-old on a herring steamer off the west coast of Scotland.

Hyndman explains that she used Twitter's 'Collections' function to tell the tale with each character having its own profile making it "easier to add their voices" to the story.

Explaining her choice of medium for the project, Hyndman writes on her website: "This feature doesn't seem to have been used much for storytelling but I thought it would be a great way to construct a short story online."

For the full story follow this link. All pictures reproduced with kind permission of Kerry Hyndman.

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