Richard Hammond thinks ice cream is 'gay' and now everyone's mocking him

Get out of the van, Richard, before it’s too late
Get out of the van, Richard, before it’s too late

The latest episode of The Grand Tour, the motoring show hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond aired on Friday.

Titled a ‘Happy Finnish Christmas’, it has elicited some controversy after Hammond appeared to equate eating ice cream with being homosexual.

The incident happened as Clarkson commented on the cream leather interior of a Rolls Royce:

The only problem is that in one of those, you couldn’t enjoy a chocolate Magnum ice cream.

Hammond then responded with a 'joke' that even Clarkson didn't seem to find amusing:

I don’t eat ice cream. It’s something to do with being straight.

He later added:

Ice cream is a bit... you know?

Twitter reactions were… varied:

People were incredulous

The Biden meme made an appearance

People pointed out the juvenile nature of the comment

And trawled the internet for these:

He has been severely mocked

Many people gently disagreed with his sentiment...

Others were less gentle

There was a point to be made about normalising homophobia...

Hammond had not commented on the backlash at time of publication.

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