This guy lost to a team of kids on Robot Wars and stormed off

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If you're not a fan of Robot Wars, stop reading now and reassess all your beliefs.

The BBC reboot is a majestic piece of nostalgia TV, as Dara Ó Briain and Angela Scanlon host the veritable demolition derby of the UK's best engineering offerings.

On Sunday night, episode two of the current series aired, in which a knockout match was billed between Behemoth and Cherub (a team made up of mostly kids).

The match went to judge's decision, some would say due to Behemoth's change from using a front flipper, to a prototype grabber.

Cherub was able to get under Behemoth and flip the robot numerous times as a result, which likely swayed the judges decision.

The Behemoth team leader, Ant, told host Angela Scanlon:

We've never tried it before, and so we tried innovation over function and it's obviously not worked very well.

The bottom part had moved up slightly and lifted up too high. 

He was later asked what function the weapon had, and responded tersely:

I don't know, ideally I would have wanted to go with the original scoop.

That's all I'm saying.


The judge's decision went to team Cherub. Ant didn't take this news well.

Host Angela Scanlon remarked:

We lost someone. Is he upset?

Just a tad.

Twitter lost it a bit:

Even the show tweeted about it to calm the horde:

Ant later said on the show:

Putting a grabber of that type onto the robot for a critical match was a very poor decision.

The main reason I walked out there was because I was so annoyed with the rest of the team for making that decision, not to go with a guaranteed win.

Sometimes it's best to use what you know works.

Such as shaking hands with the kids that just beat you at the end?

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