Stephen King called out Trump again and said security should ‘escort him the f*** out’

Stephen King is back with another scathing takedown of Donald Trump.

While the president continues to deny that he lost the election, the acclaimed horror author returned to Twitter to remind him of reality.

“Donald, you're fired,” he wrote in a tweet. “Someone call Security. Have him get his things in a couple of cardboard boxes and escort him the f*** out.”

The tweet has so far racked up almost 50,000 likes, with many users agreeing with King’s comments.

The renowned writer has made no attempts to hide how much he dislikes Trump. In the past, he has called out the president for his comments on the so-called ‘Squad’ that includes congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, referred to him as ‘Blabbermouth Don’, and said that Trump is “scarier” than his books.

King even revealed that Trump blocked him on the platform.

And just to prove how good King is at predicting the future, the writer tweeted in July last year that he would be “happy” to tell Trump “YOU’RE FIRED” after the election.

Looks like he got what he wanted.

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