Taylor Swift is making headlines for the right reasons again

Taylor Swift is making headlines for the right reasons again

After a few weeks of pretty negative media coverage thanks to contretemps with Nicki Minaj, photographers and the Chinese government, it looks like Taylor Swift is back to her usual do-gooder self.

The 25-year-old singer came to the last-minute rescue of a theatre company who needed permission to use her song 'Shake It Off' on Tuesday - cutting it pretty fine considering the show opens on Wednesday.

Sydney-based theatre company Belvoir's new show, Seventeen, stars several respected veterans of the Australian theatre scene playing 17-year-olds on their last day of school.

The song 'Shake It Off' is reportedly used during a pivotal moment of the production, and publishers told the show's director Anne-Louise Sarks earlier this week that permission had been denied. At her wits' end, Sarks reached out to Swift personally over Twitter to ask whether her team could use the song.

True to form, Taylor herself stepped in later that day, tweeting back a message to Belvoir that she was reversing the decision:

The cast and crew were ecstatic at the news.

A spokesperson for Belvoir told Guardian Australia that the company had applied for the correct performance rights for the song but timings for permissions were often unpredictable.

Director Sarks said that the cast had been prepared to use a different song and had already started learning new choreography in case - but luckily the actors can now shake it off as originally intended.

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