Taylor Swift fans are already discovering Joe Alwyn Easter Eggs on her new album

Taylor Swift fans are already discovering Joe Alwyn Easter Eggs on her new album
Taylor Swift: Beyond the mic, A master of the pen!
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Swifties have been decoding the "library installations" at Taylor Swift's Spotify-hosted pop-up at The Grove in Los Angeles ahead of the release of her new album The Tortured Poets Department this week.

With new music coming this Friday (April 19), fans were excited to see what hints and Easter eggs would be on display, and many have drawn connections to Swift's ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

There were 72 mailboxes at the pop-up, which has been speculated to represent 72 months - that's equivalent to six years which was the duration of the singer's relationship with the actor.

Out of those, six of the boxes were open, perhaps another nod to the length of the previous relationship, while dried flowers and white lace which fans have said are "wedding related."

While others spotted the choice of dead dried-up flowers used at the pop-up, lavender in reference to Swift's song 'Lavender Haze' from her last album Midnights, and also Cornelia Rose, referring to the song 'Cornelia Street' from Swift's 2019 album Lover - both are love songs which Swifties have theorised are about Alwyn.

Open books were also on display with quotes and Swifties believe these to be song lyrics from the album, which included:

"Even statues crumble / If they’re made to wait," and "One less temptress / One less dagger to sharpen."

Some fans also think that between the "made to wait" lyrics and white wedding lace decoration, Swift wanted to marry Alwyn and have been linking this to her deluxe song from Midnights titled You're Losing Me which has the lyrics:

"And I wouldn't marry me either / A pathological people pleaser / Who only wanted you to see her."

A few statues were seen at the installation, which a fan has identified as being Diana of Ephesus - the goddess of childbirth, fertility and the moon.

“The original statue of Diana crumbled while waiting to be shipped to London in the 6th century due to years of neglect, succumbing to the passage of time and the elements," one fan wrote.

Combine these Easter eggs with "So Long London," one of the song titles on TTPD, listed as track No. 5 - Swift's previous track five songs are known for being deeply raw and emotional, along with the fact Swift spent much of her relationship with the British actor in London, out of the spotlight.

Plus, the popular fan theory that the album will explore the "five stages of grief," Swifties are convinced this is a break-up album about Alwyn.

We only have a couple of days left to wait and find out as The Tortured Poets Department is out this Friday (April 19).

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