That time Terry Wogan announced the wrong Eurovision winner is the best way to remember him

Leon Neal/Getty
Leon Neal/Getty

Radio legend Sir Terry Wogan has died.

The broadcast veteran passed away aged 77 following a "brave battle with cancer," according to a statement from his family.

His dulcet tones and playful demeanor will be sorely missed by the British public, in a month that has been blighted by celebrity sorrow.

The Irish-born star featured on Radio 2 for many years, and from 1980 to 2014 also presented Children in Need.

But for many, Wogan will be best remembered for his time fronting the Eurovision Song Contest, which he did from 1971 to 2008.

He brought a certain charm and banter to the show. He has many memorable times.

In 2007, on the BBC's Making Your Mind Up programme, which precedes the competition proper and is when the UK's contestant is announced, saw one of Wogan's most classic moments.

Wogan accidentally announced the wrong winner, proclaiming soloist Cyndi the victor rather than Scooch, who went onto compete in Helsinki.

It was as amusing as ever, and after the gaffe, Wogan tellingly said:

Nobody died, it's a television programme.

There's no doubt Scooch won. They clearly won. We wish them well and I shall be there to cheer them on by word and gesture in Helsinki.

Bad luck on Cyndi. My apologies for any embarrassment she may have suffered but it probably wouldn't do her career any harm, either. She's a fine singer."

RIP Wogan. You utter legend.

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