That guy who 'crashed' the Spectre premiere actually had a ticket

The man who claimed he crashed the Spectre premiere with a photoshopped ticket has been disproved by the Royal Albert Hall, who say he actually paid for his ticket.

James Ware was widely reported on yesterday for a video he posted from his YouTube account, in which he claimed to have sneaked into the premiere of the new James Bond film on a false ticket.

In a statement, the Royal Albert Hall said:

The Spectre premiere was an incredible event, and for anyone who has seen the video of James Ware attending, we are happy to confirm that he was actually an official premiere guest.

Our database shows that James bought his tickets from the box office prior to the event.

So for anyone concerned by the video, we’re happy to confirm that no criminal act took place.

The statement goes against the video uploaded by Ware on 27 October 2015, called “HOW I CRASHED THE SPECTRE PREMIERE AND AFTER PARTY JAMES BOND STYLE”.

In the video he claimed:

I’ve used the technique where you find tickets people have posted on social media, photoshop them, print them out and then get in on the bar code. I’ve managed to track one down on Instagram, so we’re gonna give it a go.

He then films himself outside a print shop, before subsequently making a false ticket, supposedly.

Perhaps the video should have looked a little more like this:

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