Gillian Anderson shares bizarre anecdote about the time she met the real Queen

Gillian Anderson shares bizarre anecdote about the time she met the real Queen

Gillian Anderson will be returning to our screens in the next few days when she takes on the role of Margaret Thatcher in season 4 of Netflix's The Crown.

The beloved actor, best known for her roles in The X-Files and Sex Education, will be playing the controversial former British prime minister in a role that has already been praised.amongst her admirers.

The series focuses on the British Royal Family, specifically The Queen, who is played by Academy Award winner Olivia Colman. During her career, Anderson has been fortunate enough to meet Her Royal Highness but it led to a very awkward moment involving a scarf.

Speaking to Jimmy Fallon, in promotion for the new season, the US talk show host asked her what happened when she met the Queen in June 2019 and what caused her to pull an unusual face. She said:

Do you see that thing that is draped over the Queen's shoulder? That piece of fabric is attached to the gentleman behind the Queen. It's around his neck. 

As she's exiting to go and present the trophies to the polo players, like in Harry Potter, this thing from his neck is going around like this and it wrapped itself around her neck as she's walking down the stairs.

I just had this image of it decapitating her and yanking her backwards but you notice that I don't actually do anything. It's not like I reach out and try to save her life. 

The incident took place at Royal Windsor Cup Polo match with the scarf belonging to Japanese musician Yoshiki. Thankfully the Queen did not seem disturbed by this minor faux par.

It's highly unlikely that such a scenario will play out in The Crown but its good to know that she has had some personal experience with The Queen.

You can watch the rest of her interview in the video below where she also manages to forget that Breaking Bad star, Aaron Paul was also in an episode of The X-Files.

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