You know how sex scenes are supposed to be super awkward and embarrassing - getting up close and personal with a stranger?

According to Mindy Kaling they can actually be as hot as they look on screen. The star of The Mindy Project and The Office has said in a new book that filming sex scenes is actually the world's greatest job perk:

Obviously onscreen sex is not actual penetrative sex, but, as any religious high schooler will tell you, simulating sex can be pretty damn enjoyable as well.

  • Mindy Kaling

Kaling has dedicated a whole chapter of her new book Why Not Me? to the best-kept secret in showbiz, straighforwardly titled, “I Love Sex Scenes!”

Apparently even the presence of cameras isn't that off-putting. “Most of those people are artists whose job it is to make sure your physical imperfections are cloaked in mysterious shadows. By the end of the shooting day, you’ll wish there were more people there,” she writes.

So why do actors talk about how much they hate filming them?

According to Kaling it's an unwritten rule that actors don't admit it's fun. Saying you enjoy filming sex scenes with someone who isn't your partner in front of cameras sounds at best odd and at worst, very creepy.

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