What has happened to Marge Simpsons' voice?

What has happened to Marge Simpsons' voice?
Marge Simpson calls out disrespectful 'name-calling'

Fans of the Simpsons have all been asking the same question – what has happened to Marge Simpson’s voice?

The Simpsons family have been on our screens for more than 30 years, with each character having their unique qualities that fans know and love.

While some recurring jokes, such as dad Homer strangling his son Bart, have changed with societal views, other factors like the characters’ voices and appearance have remained pretty constant.

Marge has been voiced by American actress Julie Kavner since the very beginning of the show. But, fans recently called into question whether the voice of Marge Simpson has changed after a promotional clip the Season 35 Episode 8, 'Ae Bonny Romance', was shared on X/Twitter.

In the clip, Marge’s character excitedly shared with her husband Homer that they had been invited to a wedding. The video instantly got people talking about how Marge sounded different from usual.

One person joked: “Marge sounds like she’s on Glastonbury day five.”

Another wrote: “I haven’t watched The Simpsons in quite some time so can somebody please explain… WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MARGE’S VOICE?!”

“Marge’s voice actress has been THROUGH IT omfg,” someone else said.

Some commenters pointed out that Kavner is now 73 years old and argued that they should let the actress retire.

There has been no official explanation as to what has happened to Kavner's voice. but there were reports in 2007 when recording The Simpsons Movie that her voice was starting to strain.

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