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When Trevor Noah took over The Daily Show's reigns from John Stewart, it took him a bit of time to find his feet.

But recently, as the Trump administration has taken office, he seems to have really got into the swing of things.

He perfectly dissected Donald Trump’s lashing out at CNN, and made a genuinely jaw-dropping crack about Ivanaka Trump being given a White House office.

This week his target was Trump and Paul Ryan’s embarrassing failure to pass their healthcare bill.

He pulled out Paul Ryan’s comments in particular.

I’m not going to sugar coat this: Doing big things is hard.


Which Noah elaborated on

Paul Ryan is so depressed he’s started talking like Trump

This was a man who once waxed lyrical about patient-centred healthcare that focused on an affordable small government solution. Now he’s like “BIG THINGS HARD. PAUL RYAN SAD.”

But Noah really went the hardest after Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro, who’s show he watched on Trump’s recommendation.

Following Pirro’s fiery opening monologue telling Ryan to step down, Noah bluntly remarked:

That Fox News sh*t was insane.

He then compared it to North Korea’s propaganda news – and showed a clip to prove him point.


Here's the whole segment:

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