This week it was announced that Ivanka Trump is getting her own office in The White House.

This is despite the President’s daughter having no official title or position in the government – not that that hasn’t already stopped her sitting in on meetings with Head of States like Angela Merkel and Shinzo Abe.

As well as the fancy new office, she’ll also be given security clearance to access classified information.

An ethics advisor has apparently said that she will follow all ethics rules – but people still pretty angry about it. Former Labour Secretary Robert Reich has already described it as a “coup”.

But it was The Daily Show host Trevor Noah who went in the hardest.

The White House has lower standards of who they’ll bring in than Nordstrom.

Ivanka says she’ll follow all the ethics rules? I feel like the first rule of Ethics Club is: Don’t hire your daughter.

That wasn’t the worst comment though.

Noah’s biggest concern about Ivanka being in The White House?

Possible conflicts of incest

No, that is not a typo. He definitely did not mean to say ‘conflict of interest’.

The gloves are off.

HT: Daily Beast

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