To many people, Wakanda is the fictional nation from Marvel's Black Panther but for others, it could be a legitimate free-trade nation willing to do deals with the United States.

Wondering what we are on about? Well, allow us to explain.

Over on the US Department of Agriculture website, a prankster managed to list Wakanda as a free trade partner to the United States, with the two countries apparently trading livestock such as ducks, donkeys and dairy cows.

According to a spokesperson from USDA, Wakanda ended up being listed on the website accidentally after a staff test.

This odd occurrence was noticed by software engineer Francis Tseng, whose tweet about this bizarre reference to Marvel soon went viral.

Speaking to Reuters he said:

[I] thought I misremembered the country from the movie and got it confused with something else.

Despite the reference to Wakanda or any other Marvel nation, planet or character being removed from the website it hasn't stopped people revelling in the hilarity of this story.

It has also become a meme, with people seriously disappointed that there won't be a trade deal with Wakanda.

Seriously, get us some vibranium.

There goes any chance of a post-Brexit trade deal with Wakanda...

If we can't have Wakanda, maybe we could do a deal with Latervia, Genosha, Sokovia or any other nation from Marvel comics.


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