A video featuring Black Panther director and writer Ryan Coogler and an adorable fan is the best thing you will see this week.

The clip features Elvis Mitchell in conversation with Coogler in his Oakland hometown, talking about being a filmmaker.

During one segment of the show, filmed in a boxing gym, the pair talk about his latest film Creed, with Michael B Jordan, when Coogler cuts himself off after noticing someone off camera.

“Oh man,” he says as he laughs, “Oh my god.”

And then the camera shows what has him smiling – a little girl called Jaelin is dressed as Shuri from Black Panther.

She walks over and announces:

My favourite movie is Black Panther.

Coogler is visibly taken aback by the adorable little girl.

He says: “Oh my God, what’s your name darling?”

The little girl responds:

Black Panther’s sister.

She proceeds to show Coogler and Mitchell her beautifully created Shuri costume, and tells them her mum and granny helped to make it.

“It’s beautiful,” he tells her. “Your costume is amazing.”

The man who brought her, who appears to be her dad, points at Cooger and says: “Baby he made Black Panther.”

She watches [the film] three times a day.

What a precious moment.

Lots of viewers demonstrated this example as a vital reason representation matters in films and books.

Black Panther has swept across the charts and broke a number of records. It is an incredible moment in film history and the film features an almost entirely black cast.

The film marks a shift in Hollywood to be more inclusive of non-white narratives. Crazy Rich Asians, which has an almost entirely Asian ensemble, was similarly applauded for its representation of Asian characters.

Black Panther became the first superhero movie to be nominated for 'Best Picture' in the upcoming Oscars, and Coogler was a TIME Person of The Year 2018 runner up.

Wakanda forever.

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