Woman says she can't get a boyfriend because she's "too attractive"
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Have you ever scrolled through Tinder for hours only to find no matches? Been shunted after the perfect first date? In these disheartening cases, it’s nice to believe you're not to blame that you're a catch everyone's missing out on.

This is the mentality adopted by Dawn Cousins, a 44-year-old mother of four whose viral This Morning appearance, entitled ‘I’m Just Too Attractive To Find Love’, has resurfaced online.

Talking to hosts Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, Cousins explains she attracts either younger guys who only want to date her because she’s “hot”, or older guys who don’t make effort with their own appearance yet demand sexy photos. We’ve all been there, right? The hosts then reveal her ex jokes she should “come with a warning sign”, to which she responds:

I don’t take rubbish. If I feel unhappy in a relationship, I’m going to say we need to compromise, we need personal development, we need to grow. Just because I’m of a certain age, it doesn’t mean I just want to be sitting at home, watching TV 24/7.

She has a point – who wants to settle into a life of endless Friends re-runs and passing out on the sofa?

As well as chuckling at the men that slide into her DMs to win her over, she also mentions her YouTube channel, on which she shares videos discussing everything from hair and beauty to race and romance.

One particularly hilarious clip sees her reacting to her own viral appearance, but also expanding on what she was trying to say on the show – namely that men thought she looked younger than her actual age, and would leave when they found out. She expands:

I went on a date once with one guy. Well, I didn’t even get the date, because he left when he found out how old I was.

What I’m trying to say is that guys think I look young, and that some guys just want me for my body.

Although she’s been branded “deluded”, it’s no secret that those 3am “u up?” texts can take their toll if you're looking for something more serious. Maybe the point here isn’t that Cousins can’t get a date, but more that older women on dating apps are either sexualised as cougars or written off due to their age.

Whatever the reason for Cousins' rejections, it’s refreshing to see a woman celebrating her appearance as opposed to speaking about her insecurities. If nothing else, she’s offered us a motto we can all get behind: we’re just too good to settle.

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