The 100 greatest World Cup goals ever: 89-80

The 100 greatest World Cup goals ever: 89-80

From Peruvian pearlers to Brazilian belters, these are our picks for the best World Cup goals from number 89 to 80.

Goals 100 - 90

89. Marc Wilmots, Belgium v Japan, 2002

All bicycle kicks are spectacular by their very nature, even the ones that finish with players in a heap on the floor after missing the ball, and this one was special.

This instinctive effort from Belgium captain Marc Wilmots, connecting with a ball looping back over the Japanese defence, was the highlight of his country’s efforts in 2002. Both sides would advance from the group after drawing the game 2-2, before Belgium were knocked out by Brazil in the round of 16.

104 2002 Marc Wilmots Japan

88. Robert Prosinecki, Croatia v Jamaica, 1998

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Did he mean it? Does it matter? These are the two questions we could spend hours pondering about this cheeky effort from Robert Prosinečki against Jamaica in 1998.

We like everything about it. The step over sending young Frank Sinclair and his teammate in the wall for a hotdog is brilliant and the bewildered celebration from Prosinečki is just as good.

Croacia - Jamaica

87. Juan Cayasso, Costa Rica v Scotland, 1990

Anyone who says their favourite type of goal is a team goal with 1,000 passes in the buildup is normally lying (give us a 30-yard thunder b**tard any day), but the quality of this Costa Rica effort from 1990 is undeniable. Scotland never laid a boot on them during the whole move, which is tucked away by Juan Cayasso after a lovely back heel in the box.

Cayasso Costa Rica Scotland

86. Jurgen Klinsmann, Germany v South Korea, 1994

Jurgen Klinsmann seemed to find time in the box better than most players of his generation, and this ingenious effort from 1994 just proves how difficult he was to play against. The German forward flicks, turns and finishes before the South Korean defenders can even move. Bonus points for the kit, too, which is low-key one of the greatest ever made.

Klinsmann fantastic goal - Germany Vs South Korea (1994 FIFA World Cup)

85. Luis Fabiano, Brazil v Chile, 2010

Brazil at their most wonderfully direct. After a high clearance is nodded on and finds its way to Robinho in his pomp, Kaka slips one of the most understated first-time passes to Fabiano in this wonderful goal which often doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

World Cup 2010 Brazil Chile 2 0 Luís Fabiano

84. Teofilo Cubillas, Peru v Scotland, 1978

With a scorching finish with the outside of the boot (more to come...) this inspired free kick is all about the misdirection. Three Peru players stood around the ball in the iconic red and white sash (one of the great World Cup kits, it must be said) and the decoy runner put enough doubt in keeper Alan Rough’s mind to ensure he wouldn’t get anywhere near it.

CUBILLAS - against scotland 1978 (3-1)

83. Ricardo Quaresma, Portugal v Iran, 2018

Most players can’t get that amount of movement in the air with the inside of their boot, never mind the outside. This outrageous effort from Ricardo Quaresma was just one of the worldies scored during the 2018 tournament, which seemed to be littered with great strikes, but the reverse angle behind the goal might be one of the most pleasing slow-motion replays of a World Cup goal ever scored.

Iran 0-1 Portugal : Merveille d'Exterieur de Quaresma !

82 Eusebio, Portugal v Brazil, 1966

Put your boot through it, lad. This thumping finish from one of the finest goal scorers of the 20th century came on the way to the Golden Boot in 1966, after Eusebio scored an incredible nine goals during the tournament. The Brazilian defence makes the mistake of letting the ball bounce twice in the box, and a marksman like him wasn’t going to let them get away with it.

Eusebio - Portugal

81. Ebbe Sand, Denmark v Nigeria,1998

The difference between good goals and great goals is often to do with the combination of numerous elements of skill. Take this belter from Ebbe Sand in 1998: There’s a cultured dink over the top of the Nigerian defence, a clever header around the centre back and a slotted finish past the keeper. All combine to create something special.

176 1998 Ebbe Sand Nigeria

80 Roberto Carlos, Brazil v China, 2002

Yes it’s Roberto Carlos in a round-up of great goals, and you guessed it – it’s a free kick. Not even the great wall of China was enough to stop the dead-ball maestro at the 2002 tournament, as he blasted this one so hard that the keeper couldn’t even stop it at his near-side. Pick that one out.

Brazil Vs China 2002 W Cup Roberto Carlos Free Kick

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