AEW Full Gear results LIVE: MJF retains over Jay White

AEW Full Gear results LIVE: MJF retains over Jay White

AEW: Full Gear 2023

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling present their fifth annual Full Gear pay per view this evening from the KIA Forum in Inglewood, California with seven championships on the line.

The show will be headlined by the massive AEW World Championship match with MJF defending the title against the leader of Bullet Club Gold, 'Switchblade' Jay White. MJF will be pulling double duty tonight also defending his Ring of Honor tag team championships on the Zero Hour pre show against The Gunns after entering into a uncertain partnership with rival Samoa Joe, with regular partner, Adam Cole, still out injured.

Other highlights on the card see Swerve Strickland and Adam 'Hangman' Page look to settle their differences in what is sure to be a violent Texas Death Match. A massive tag team match will see The Young Bucks but their world tag team title opportunity on the line against The Golden Jets, Chris Jericho and their friend Kenny Omega.

The world tag team titles are on the line in a four-way ladder match, Adam Copeland makes his AEW ppv debut teaming with Darby Allin and Sting against Christian Cage, Nick Wayne and Luchasaurus and Jon Moxley looks to regain the International Championship from Orange Cassidy.

Elsewhere, the Ring of Honor world championship, AEW women's world championship and TBS Championships are also on the line on a jam packed card.

Full Gear in conclusion

Full Gear 2023 was somewhere in the middle of the quality of what you usually come to expect from AEW shows this year. Hangman and Swerve stole the show by a country mile. Worth seeking out just for that match, even if you aren't a fan of bloody brawls. Elsewhere, the ladder match, TBS championship and Moxley vs Cassidy were great with the opening trios match also being good fun. MJF vs Jay White won't be to everyone's tastes due to the sports entertainment melodrama but definitely had its moments. Toni Storm vs Shia and Golden Jets vs Young Bucks felt like real let downs and were amongst the worst things on the card.

Overall rating: B - A fun show, with one true classic in there but few matches will live long in the memory and the WWE-style storyline involving MJF and Cole will leave a sour taste in some mouths despite the match being good in the end.

MJF wins!

All Elite Wrestling

After a long back and forth match MJF eventually managed to defeat Jay White but with no thanks from Adam Cole who almost cost his friend the championship on two occasions during the match. The bout took a while to get going but there were some really good teases during the contest where it looked like White might win. A fun main event in the end.

What a cutter

A crazy spot by MJF.

MJF avoids serious injury

This is probably why you don't see top rope uranages too often. Could have been a nasty landing for MJF.


Yikes! This didn't seem like a good idea even if the table was still there.

Fair play to the crowd

Decent audience tonight. Feels like they've been into every match. Good for them. Helped the show flow along and nothing has felt like a drag.

MJF is back

As suspeeted MJF has done a Steve Austin at the 1999 Royal Rumble and come back in an ambulance and will now presumably compete in the match.

Only the main event left

The main event is the only match left and it is somehow Jay White vs Adam Cole. Let's see how this will play out. Expect a lot of shenanigans.

One Winged Angel to Kenny Omega but the Golden Jets win

Matt Jackson hit Kenny Omega with his own move but the Golden Jets still won and will now get a tag team title shot. Felt like that one never got into second gear and was over before it begun. An odd one given the talent involved.

Still struggling

Felt like the show peaked with the Texas Death Match and a tag match with more Elite drama was never gonna be able to surpass it. Still time though.

Slow start

This match hasn't got going yet. Can they just put the Texas Death Match back on?

Golden Jets vs Young Bucks next!

All Elite Wrestling

Somehow Jericho, Omega and The Young Bucks have to try and follow the Texas Death Match. Good luck!

Stickland wins an absolute war

Strickland goes 2-0 over Page in one of the most violent matches in AEW history. Swerve prevails after choking out Page with a chain and breaking a cinder block over his head, following assists from Prince Nana and Brian Cage, which feels tame compared to some of the other stuff in the match. Thei colleague, Chuck Taylor's reaction to the match said it all.

A 450 Splash onto glass

Is this legal?

Orihara Moonsault with a barb-wire chair

Masao would be proud.

This is a bloodbath

All Elite Wrestling

This is absolute carnage. Swerve has lost a lot of blood but Hangman has been dropped on his head onto barb-wire, a cinder block and been piledrove on top of the guardrail. We're not even sure how that last one is possible.

The staple gun is out

This match isn't even five minutes old and Hangman has already cracked out the staples and is attaching his son's paintings to his opponent's face. It could be a long night for Swerve.

Texas Death Match up next

Just when you need a breather the Texas Death Match is up next. We've seen what Hangman can do in Texas Death Matches in AEW having had some classics with Jon Moxley and Lance Archer but scholars will be aware of Strickland's masterpiece of violence with AR Fox in Lucha Underground.

Will Ospreay signs with All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

As predicted Will Ospreay is the blockbuster signing that Tony Khan teased. He states that he won't be signing immediately and will be finishing up with New Japan Pro Wrestling in early 2024 but will be with AEW in time for Revolution in February but also has eyes on Wembley Stadium and All In 2024. A big get for AEW, especially as there were reports WWE were interested in the Aerial Assassin.

TITLE CHANGE: Julia Hart wins TBS Championship

All Elite Wrestling

The House of Black finally win something and it comes courtesy of their youngest member Julia Hart, who was born in November 2001! Hart sneaks in the backdoor after Statlander, who was like Brock Lesnar in the match, had hit Blue with the Saturday Night Fever to get the shock win. A really fun match.

A wild Rick Rubin appears

Yes, that is legendary music producer Rick Rubin and he looks as confused as you'd imagine.

Skye Blue debuts new look in TBS Championship match

The TBS Championship match is next with Kris Statlander defending against both Skye Blue and Julia Hart. Curiously, Blue has a new look and a new song which makes her look like the sort of kids that simultaneously hung around outside corner shops and church graveyards. An impressive feat.

RIP Dralistico's neck

The ladder match has picked up a notch with all four teams taking big bumps. The biggest of which was Dralistico, who has a AAA world title match, who took a Ganso Bomb on a bridged ladder. Insanity. Oh, by the way, Ricky Starks and Big Bill retained.

Britt Baker gives two word response to Adam Cole being in the main event

She speaks for the rest of us.

'MEAT' chants arrive at Full Gear

All Elite Wrestling

We've barely had time to a catch a breath but there is now a tag team ladder match on now which has prompted the crowd to chant 'MEAT' every time Big Bill and Brody King go at it. We'll allow as they are probably confused at the situation of the main even as we are.

Eddie Kingston announces Continental Championship

ROH world Champion and NJPW Strong Champion Eddie Kingston, emulates All-Japan Pro Wrestling by announcing a modern triple crown championship. This means that Kingston will defend both his titles in any match he competes in during the Continental Classic tournament which will culminate in the winner also receiving the Continental Championship. Cool idea but more championships is not what AEW needs.

By the way, current entrants in the Continental Classic are:

Bryan Danielson


Mark Briscoe

Eddie Kingston

TITLE CHANGE: Toni Storm wins Women's World Championship

Storm's Hollywood Homecoming has a happy ending as the beat Shida with what looked like a mini frying pan stuff down her shorts which assisted the hip attack. Match was ok but the ending was a little too hokey and required the referee to ignore a metal plate on Storm's backside. Mariah May joined Storm in the ring to congratulate the new champ which would signify the next programme for Storm.

'Timeless' Toni Storm is here

Full Gear briefly goes black and white as 'Timeless' Toni Storm has her Hollywood homecoming where she will be hoping to dethrone AEW Women's Champion Hikaru Shida. Storm's gimmick is great but we can't wait until she starts imitating The Cabinet of Dr Caligali.

Orange Cassidy wins!

In a shock result Orange Cassidy has beaten Jon Moxley after six Orange Punches and the Beach Break. Not a patch on their match at All Out but this surely isn't the final chapter between these two.

Tony Khan confirms Adam Cole vs Jay White in main event

This is bizarre. A one legged Adam Cole will not compete against Jay White for the AEW World Championship in the main event of Full Gear. We are either about the see the worst AEW world championship match ever or massive angle to end the show.

Orange Cassidy busts open Moxley

Moxley bleeds as easily as turning a tap on and off but Orange Cassidy didn't manage to make him bleed at All Out but he has at Full Gear.

AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy defends against Jon Moxley in second match

There is barely time to breathe here as Orange Cassidy makes his way out to defend the International Championship against Jon Moxley in a rematch of their bloody affair from All Out.

Adam Cole to replace MJF in world championship match

A chaotic segment followed next with Tony Schiavone announcing that MJF is unable to compete in the world championship match due to his injury. Jay White was about to be announced as the new world champion but Adam Cole interrupted and vowed to compete on his friend's behalf despite being on crutches. Somehow, we don't think this will happen. Watch this space.

Darby, Sting and Copeland win

A fun match to start but nothing memorable. A nice way for Sting to sign off his legendary career for the last time in California. Worst part was Ric Flair getting physically involved with Christian. We didn't need to see that.

How is Darby Allin still walking? 

This is a question that we ask everyday. Allin is due to climb Mount Everest this week too. Madness.

Christian and Copeland face off early

The match gets an early 'holy s**t' chance as the two former tag team partners almost face off in the ring before Cage cowardly tagged out, not giving the fans what they want. Good for him.

Full Gear opens with Adam Copeland's PPV debut

The main show proper starts with a huge trios match with 'The Patriarchy': Christian Cage, Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne against the dream team of Sting, Darby Allin and Adam Copeland, accompanied by Ric Flair. Christian had a special entrance with a children's choir. Meanwhile, Copeland, Allin and Sting are all wearing matching gear and facepaint.

Adam Cole returns and helps MJF and Samoa Joe win

A surprisingly short match but ended with a shocking return of Adam Cole who hobbled down the ramp on crutches and distracted the Gunns allowing Samoa Joe to get the submission win. The victory though came with consequences as The Gunns beat down MJF, gave him the Plimaniser and potentially injured him for the main event against Jay White. The Zero Hour ended with MJF been taken away in an ambulance with the champion pleading with Cole to not let them take his championship.

Nigel McGuinness with early contender for call of the night

Can't say fairer than that really.

Juice Robinson's absence explained

Excalibur has explained that Bullet Club Gold's Juice Robinson will not be on the show tonight as he is sidelined thanks to this attack from MJF with a television on Friday night's edition of Rampage.

Zero Hour Main Event: ROH World Tag Team Championships

Your Zero Hour main event is The Gunns, and their super cool entrance, challenging MJF for the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championships. MJF has agreed to give Samoa Joe an AEW World Championship match if he helps him defend the tag titles tonight, with his regular partner, Adam Cole, still injured.

Castagnoli submits Matthews

The Blackpool Combat Club gets a victory back over the House of Black in a hard hitting affair between Castagnoli and Matthews. The Swiss Superman won after making the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion submit via the Sharpshooter but this isn't the last we've seen in this growing feud between the two factions.

Stokely Hathaway responds to Eddie Kingston

Some fruity language here but it's safe to say that Hathaway wasn't happy with Kingston calling him a 'bald headed b***h.'

Next match: Claudio Castagnoli vs Buddy Matthews

The second match on the Zero Hero is an intriguing contest between Buddy Matthew of the House of Black vs Claudio Castagnoli of the Blackpool Combat Club. It's also Australia vs Switzerland which has a World Cup group stage feel to it.

Kingston retains!

Eddie retains the ROH world title in a decent match with Lethal. Lot's of nice back and fourth stuff with Eddie pulling off his usual strong style suplexes. Finish came when Lethal attempted to use Jeff Jarrett's guitar only to be stopped by Ortiz leading to the distraction and Kingston hitting the uraken for the win.

Zero Hour kicks off with ROH World Championship

Full Gear starts with Eddie Kingston defending the ROH World Championship against former champ Jay Lethal. LFG!!!

Zero Hour available for free on YouTube

The Zero Hour will start in just under 10 minutes and is available to watch for free on YouTube, Facebook and X/Twitter. Three matches will be on the show and they are:

ROH World Tag Team Championship: MJF (c) and Samoa Joe vs The Gunns

Claudio Castagnoli vs Buddy Matthews

ROH World Championship: Eddie Kingston (c) vs Jay Lethal

Who is the Devil? 

All Elite Wrestling

Another huge question going into the show is who is the person behind the Devil mask that has been tormenting MJF for weeks? There is not indication that the identity of the mystery man or his minions who have attacked the likes of the Acclaimed and Jay White in the past few months will be revealed at Full Gear but here are a few theories as to who we think it might be.

Tony Khan hypes huge signing

AEW owner Tony Khan has called Full Gear one of his favourite nights of the year and has also hyped the signing of a 'huge star.' There has been very little to indicate who the signing is but Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Podcast has said he has been told that it is IWGP US Champion Will Ospreay. Meanwhile, it could also be former WWE and UFC star Ronda Rousey who made her debut for Ring of Honor during a taping on Friday.

How to watch, start time and match card

All Elite Wrestling

Tonight's show kicks off with a one hour Zero Hour pre show from 11: 30 pm GMT or 6: 30 PM ET/ 3:30 PM PT with the main show starting 60 minutes later. The show is available to purchase on BR Live in the United States while elsewhere it is available on DAZN or FITE. For more information and the full match card read our guide here.

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