Albania fans snapping spaghetti at Italy supporters is already the best thing from the Euros

Albania fans snapping spaghetti at Italy supporters is already the best thing from the Euros

You can shout at them, you can swear, but snapping spaghetti in their faces? That’s a step too far for Italian fans at Euro 2024.

The tournament is off to a strong start, and so far fans have been enjoying themselves across Germany without too many dramas.

In fact, one of the most wholesome moments of the early stages of the tournament saw Albania fans engage in a well-meaning, and very funny, exchange with Italian supporters before their game on Saturday (June 15).

Fans on both sides gathered in Dortmund over the weekend and both were seen enjoying the tournament together, even dancing the traditional Albanian line dance, called the Valle, together.

A hilarious moment came when an Albanian fan grabbed a pack of dried spaghetti and committed a cardinal culinary sin, snapping it right in front of a dismayed Italian fan.

Italians will tell you to never snap dried pasta, instead boiling it whole – and one supporter played up to it all, dropping to his hands and knees and praying.

It’s one of the best things we’ve seen from the tournament so far, and the clip has racked up millions of views on social media.

There have already been viral moments from the Euros so far, with one coming on the very first night of the tournament.

Scotland's Euro 2024 campaign got off to a less-than-desirable start in Munich as they were thrashed by hosts Germany on Friday (June 14), leading their fans to resurrect a classic line from the 90s film Trainspotting.

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