In a moment so excruciating it might as well have been a scene in The Office, a man was caught kissing a woman on camera at a football match and it immediately became obvious he shouldn't have been.

During Barcelona’s game against Delfin on the weekend, a supporter of the home side was shown on screen enjoying a smooch with the woman in the seat next to him. While we can’t know for sure that he was conducting an affair, his reaction after spotting himself on screen is certainly telling.

The man’s face is the very picture of guilt, Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment condensed into a couple of seconds of screen time. It’s etched all over his visage: the inescapable truth that he’s probably outed himself as a cheater on live television in front of an audience of millions. There is no escape, there is no turning back the clock and things are about to get extremely awkward for this Lidl brand lothario.

See the awkwardness for yourself...

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