'Don't f*** with cats': World Cup fans think Brazil was cursed by tossed feline

'Don't f*** with cats': World Cup fans think Brazil was cursed by tossed feline
Brazil’s Coach Doesn’t Want to Talk About the Cat That Interrupted a …

Most people weren't expecting Croatia to beat Brazil during their match in the World Cup but apparently, those paying attention to a recent feline controversy were.

Croatia defeated Brazil 4-2 in a shootout on Friday meaning the team will advance to the semifinals. Croatia fans were, undoubtedly, thrilled. As for Brazil fans, devastated.

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But some have pointed to a recent incident between a stray cat and a Brazillian press officer during footballer Vinícius Júnior's press conference as karma for the team losing.

While Júnior was preparing to answer questions, a stray cat hopped up on the table to join the fun.

The star footballer for Brazil laughed at the funny moment but then a Brazilian press officer came over to assist with questions, only to toss the cat off the table.

The press officer picked the cat up by the skin and dropped it off the side of the table, leading to accusations of mistreatment.

The match between Brazil and Croatia was intense. Both teams are powerhouses when it comes to football, although Brazil was slightly favored.

Croatia made it to the finals in the 2018 World Cup and Brazil advanced to the quarter-finals before losing to Belgium.

But comparing the teams to one another wasn't good enough for some fans who began theorizing that Brazil lost due to karmic forces relating to the cat incident.


"This cat cursed Brazil," a Twitter user wrote.

"Taylor Swift was right, Karma is a cat!" Iwan tweeted.


The cat incident, which occurred on Wednesday 7 December, landed Brazil in hot water with many accusing the press officer of mistreating the animal.

PETA, the animal-rights advocacy group, called the action "rude & rough."

Some people even had the foresight to predict Brazil would not win the World Cup because the press officer seemed to disrespectfully handle the cat.

If there's one thing the internet has already learned it's don't f*** with cats.

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