Former NFL star Chad Johnson saved money by living in his team's stadium

Chad Johnson Claims He Lived at Bengals’ Stadium for Two Years to …

Chad Johnson, also known as "Chad Ochocinco," is a former wide receiver who made millions of dollars in the NFL.

However, the 45-year-old was very frugal during his time in the league and admitted to living in an American football stadium at the beginning of his career.

In an appearance on Shannon Sharpe's Club Shay Shaypodcast, Johnson admitted he once lived in the stadium of his team, the Cincinnati Bengals.

Johnson said: "As a rookie coming into the league, I stayed at the stadium my first two years because there was no point in spending money and wasting money when everything I need is already there."

Johnson's frugality did not stop there as the All-Pro receiver lived in his grandmother's house for four years.

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson: Cheapest Celebrity and Athlete in the World | EP. 71 | CLUB SHAY

“I didn’t move out of my grandmother’s house because I was content and used to where I lived,” Johnson said. “I didn’t move out of her house until my fourth year in the NFL.”

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Johnson's decision to rarely spend his paychecks was a personal choice, not one out of necessity. According to Spotrac, Johnson made over $48 million in career earnings.

Despite his conservative approach to spending, Johnson is a generous tipper. Ochocinco has been known to leave exuberant tips with service workers, far surpassing the suggested gratuity of 20 percent.

In October 2022, Johnson left a tip for $1000 on a bill of less than $15 before attending a University of Tennessee football game.

It's not the only time he's shown such generosity either. Leaving large tips is something that Johnson has been doing for 20 years, and In October 2021 Johnson left a $1,300 tip on a $107 bill.

Johnson told the NY Post: "It’s just something I always do, regardless of where I am, regardless of what restaurant or the service, I always take care of those who are serving me."

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