Footballer realises he's been using dishwasher tablets on his clothes
Daryl Dike, TikTok

An American footballer scored a huge own goal on social media recently after posting a TikTok admitting he's been using dishwasher tablets on his clothes for months.

West Bromwich Albion striker Daryl Dike moved over in January from the US, and at that time he thought he had a “crap” washing machine.

Only, his machine worked fine. It was what he put in it that was the problem.

“Funny story time. And before I continue, yes, I know I’m an idiot,” the 22-year-old began.

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“For the longest time, I have thought that my washing machine was just crap… when I came into this apartment I bought one of those huge bags to wash up my clothes.”


Yes. I am dumb.

The video continued: “Recently it ran out. So I went to the store… I can’t find the bag anywhere in the store, and I’m sitting there like ‘why can’t I find it?’

“So I come back to my apartment and I look down at the bag I have,” he added, before flipping the camera round and showing a bag of dishwasher tablets.

“This is what I have been using. I have been washing my clothes with dishwasher soap since I’ve been here. I have lived in England for eight months. I’m an idiot!”

The football owned up in a hilarious TikTokTikTok/@bigdike18

Dike has been playing at West Brom since January, and the idea of him smelling like a washing machine tablet all that time is pretty crazy.

We don’t imagine he’ll be making the same mistake again anytime soon.

Before West Brom, the striker played for Barnsley on loan from his parent club Orlando City in Florida.

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