Emma Raducanu’s January tweet about A Levels shows just how much has happened in 2021

Emma Raducanu’s January tweet about A Levels shows just how much has happened in 2021

It’s been a long year for all of us so far and sometimes it’s hard to fathom just quite how much has happened in the past eight months.

From lockdown at the start of the year (where do we even start with all the ups and downs of that?), to the promise of a summer of freedom – with the Euros, the Olympics, new variants and frankly terrible weather all thrown in the mix.

But there surely can’t be any better example of the sheer rollercoaster that this year has been than that of British tennis star Emma Raducanu, who was tweeting about her A Levels in January – and is now the US Open champion.

Little over three months ago, the 18-year-old was a full-time schoolgirl completing her exams, with competitive tennis having taken a back seat for more than a year. And, in the months before that, she was just like every other teenager, worrying and wondering what on earth was going on with her school exams amid the chaos of the pandemic.

Yet, despite that, Raducanu soared to victory in a straight-sets win against fellow teenager Leylah Fernandez in a thrilling final in New York on Saturday.

After the breathtaking win, several people shared a tweet that Raducanu had posted in January about her exams, amazed at how far she had come in such a short space of time:

In comparison, Raducanu is now getting Twitter mentions from the likes of the Duchess of Cambridge and England captain Harry Kane after going overnight from a rank outsider to one of the top names in the game.

Others, meanwhile, just couldn’t believe how much the teenager had achieved in the past few months, so soon after finishing her education:

Raducanu’s 6-4 6-3 victory made her the first British woman since Virginia Wade – who was watching from the stands – 44 years ago to win a slam singles title, and the first in New York since Wade in 1968.

As well as a cheque for £1.8million – dwarfing her previous earnings of £220,000 – Raducanu collects 2,000 ranking points and will soar up the standings from 150 to 23.

It’s fair to say that Raducanu’s rise to a grand-slam champion is one of the greatest ever seen in the sporting world.

With all that in mind, we wonder what she’ll be tweeting about in January 2022?

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