A day after posting what is undoubtedly the strangest thing to ever appear on Instagram and sending the internet into meltdown, Eric Cantona was at it again.

His since-deleted post from Wednesday, which caused such controversy, involved an egg being cracked by an erect penis - and we won't say anything else about it.

This time, however, the former footballer has shared something that everyone can view, even those of you at work, which is a knowing nod to what went down on Wednesday.

Rather than a bizarre video, this time the Frenchman shared a picture of a banana resting on an egg complete with the caption: 'Censured?'

Fortunately for Cantona, this image hasn't sent the internet into a spiral but it has still received more than 37,000 like on Instagram so his followers clearly see the funny side of it.

It has not been made obvious as to whether Cantona deleted the video himself or if Instagram removed it due to their strict no-nudity policy, which the video obviously violated.

The 52-year-old posted the video ahead of Wednesday night's Premier League match between Manchester United, his former team, and Manchester City, in a potential bid to spur his old club on.

Sadly for Cantona, his bizarre attempt at motivation didn't work as United were easily beaten 2-0 at Old Trafford by Pep Guardiola's City team.

HT Evening Standard

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