Petition for England v Denmark rematch following penalty decision reaches 33,000 signatures

It felt too good to be true.

After more than 50 years of hurt, England’s 2-1 victory over Denmark on Wednesday increased hopes among fans that football may finally be coming home. A new online petition, however, plans to change that.

More than 33,000 signatures (correct at time of writing) have been made in support of a petition which calls for a semi-final rematch between the two sides, with a penalty awarded to Raheem Sterling during the game being the point of contention.

Cris Pinto, who set up the petition, writes in its description: “It was a wrong call. There needs to be contact for a penalty and there was absolutely no contact.

“There was [sic] also two balls on the pitch just before the penalty and a laser pen being pointed at [Denmark’s goalkeeper] Schmeichel during the penalty.

“If this is not overruled [sic], it would show a failure by Uefa and the beautiful game of football.”

England has already been charged over the laser incident, which saw a green light shone on the Danish goalie just as he was about to defend Harry Kane’s shot.

He successfully blocked the attempt, only for the England captain to whack it in on the rebound.

Yet the use of the laser didn’t go unnoticed by Uefa, which counted it as one of three charges issued to England following the match.

The Three Lions also face charges over “disturbance caused by its supporters during the national anthem” and the “lighting of fireworks by its supporters”.

The controversial match has already riled up both English and Danish football fans, as some left comments while signing the aforementioned petition:

“We need to stop this robbery,” wrote one.

Another commented: “It’s not a penalty b*atch.”

“I’m English and it’s clear [it] wasn’t a penalty, along with the two balls in play and laser pen. I would rather a true win not based on cheating,” said a third.

Petitioners don’t have long to get Uefa’s decision though, as the final – England v Italy – goes ahead on Sunday at 8pm (BST).

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