Greenpeace protester gets tangled in aerial camera while parachuting into Euro 2020 stadium

Greenpeace protester gets tangled in aerial camera while parachuting into Euro 2020 stadium

A Greenpeace protester parachuted into the stadium before France’s game against Germany at Euro 2020 – and narrowly avoided serious injury after clattering into an aerial TV camera setup.

The man appeared to glide into the stadium through the roof, using a parachute emblazoned with the words: “Kick out oil Greenpeace” written on it.

He was met by security on the field and given medical attention. The game still managed to start on time.

“I witnessed this. Pretty much cringe anytime I see someone parachuting into a stadium now. Why do they still let people do this?!” wrote one fan in the stands.

“Was fully expecting him to take someone’s head off there,” added another.

A third person joked: “That should be Messi, he’s trying to touch the cup before Ronaldo wins it again.”

Greenpeace is a non-profit organization that uses peaceful action to promote a greener and more peaceful world while taking the initiative to confront the systems in place that could threaten the environment.

Greenpeace’s German Twitter account confirmed that the stunt was a protest against tournament sponsor Volkswagen, demanding an end to the sale of petrol and diesel cars.

But, in a statement, they apologised and said that the stunt ha gone wrong.

“We sincerely apologise to the two people injured and to fans and players alike,” it said.

“The paraglider was supposed to go over the stadium and let a soft ball float down to the pitch with a protest message to EURO 2020 sponsor Volkswagen.

“We are calling on it to put an enddate to the production of climate damaging internal combustion engine cars and transition to EVs faster.

“Technical difficulties forced the pilot to an emergency landing in the stadium

UEFA has confirmed that “several people” are being treated in the hospital for injuries. European football’s governing body said that “law authorities will take the necessary action” for what it called a “reckless and dangerous” act.

This wouldn’t be the first time protests disrupted major tournaments. In 2018, Russian Punk rock band Pussy Riot invaded the World Cup in their home country as France played against Croatia.  

Four members were dressed in white shirts, black ties, and black pants as they emerged behind France’s goalkeeper Hugo Lloris’ goal. Russian President Vladimir Putin also happened to be in attendance.

Check out some other reactions to the Greenpeace parachuting protester below.

The Euro 2020 football championship started on June 11 and will continue to July 11, 2021.

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