WWE mocks flat earthers in hilarious faux-conspiracy theory documentary

WWE mocks flat earthers in hilarious faux-conspiracy theory documentary

Flat earthers have long been a source of ridicule in the online world but mockery for their bizarre beliefs rarely pass over into the mainstream, especially the world of television.

That being said there are a number of celebrities who have confessed to following the conspiracy theory, which has no evidence to support it whatsoever.

Well in a bizarre mixture of the world of celebrity, sport and conspiracy theories, WWE, of all places, has found a small amount of time to mock flat earthers.

Allow us to explain...

A current storyline in World Wrestling Entertainment focuses on wrestler Sami Zayn, who is convinced that there is a conspiracy against him, purely because he keeps losing a lot of matches.

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Like most conspiracies, there is little evidence to support Zayn’s claims but in the past few months, he has been attempting to document the agenda against him with his own film crew.

Zayn has now compiled the footage and premiered the trailer for the documentary on last Friday’s edition of Smackdown, which for some reason he invited YouTuber Logan Paul along to see.

The two-minute trailer consists of Zayn moaning about his various losses and his grievances with WWE referees, which has led him to have an irrational dislike of zebras.

However, arguably the best part is when Zayn is asked if he is a flat earther? Zayn admits that this is the second time that the flat earth conspiracy has come up and although he is initially dismissive he asks if he should look into it, as it might reveal more clues to the agenda against him.

Of course, this is all to set up a match between Zayn and his friend/enemy Kevin Owens at the upcoming Wrestlemania event, which will also feature Logan Paul in some capacity.

It’s possible that the flat earther stuff will never be mentioned but it is a hilarious piece of skewering of the conspiracy from a company with a huge following around the world.

Whether it will deter or compel more people to look into conspiracies remains to be seen but it is an amusing dig nonetheless.

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