Did Jack Grealish say 'sliced bread' or 'sliced veg?'

‘I thought you’d forgotten’: Jack Grealish calls young fan after after doing …

Jack Grealish has said some funny things in his time.

Whether it be his heartwarming explanation of his latest celebration against Iran, his perplexed take on encyclopaedias, or his comments on Miguel Almirón which have admittedly aged pretty badly, he’s always worth listening to.

Now though, he’s split opinion online with his comments on the World Cup – or rather, his pronunciation.

Grealish, of course, is a proud Brummie with a strong Birmingham accent, and it’s led to some confusion over his thoughts on the Iran game.

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The Manchester City player was chatting to TalkSport about the disappointing 0-0 draw against the USA on Friday night when the talk point took place.

“I think there was a big overreaction,” he told them. “After Iran, we were the best thing since sliced bread. I suppose it’s what you get when you play for England.”

Only, some people thought that Grealish actually said “we were the best thing since sliced veg".

Some were quick to defend him, with one saying: “If you look at his lips, ‘b’ is clearly the first letter of the word, not ‘v’. He says ‘bread’, just quickly.”

While another had a different suggestion: “I’m guessing from the smile and then the speed of the mumble, it’s a dare.”

The midfielder scored during England's 6-2 win against Iran Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

We have to say we feel the same way as journalist and podcaster Adam Hurrey (@FootballCliches) who wrote: “I desperately want it to be true that he actually says ‘best thing since sliced veg’ here, but I can't prove it, so best to let it lie.”

We’ll let England fans decide among themselves…

Meanwhile, England take on Wales in their final group match on Tuesday night, with Gareth Southgate’s side only needing to avoid a heavy 4-0 defeat to progress to the round of 16.

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