Jewish UFC fighter shows no mercy to white supremacist supporter in sparring match

Jewish UFC fighter shows no mercy to white supremacist supporter in sparring match
Jewish UFC fighter beats white supremacist supporter into submission

Many online trolls hide behind a keyboard, but when one supporter of white supremacist and far-right American First Foundation leader Nick Fuentes decided to come offline and fight a Jewish UFC fighter in person, it went about as well as you’d expect.

Natan Levy, an Israeli professional mixed martial artist with a record of eight wins and one loss, took aim at one Twitter/X user by saying “he’s built like a chopstick” and “definitely not a threat”, only for another known only as Ben to challenge him to a fight.

Ben tweeted: “I’ll drive to Vegas any day of the week to spar you on behalf of Nicholas J. Fuentes and America First. With no formal MMA training should be easy, right?”

Wrong. So, so wrong…

And after Levy agreed to “gladly KO your punk ass”, plans were in place and waivers were signed for the two to throw hands at a gym in Las Vegas.

In a video posted to Levy’s YouTube channel, Ben can be seen saying: “[Natan’s tweets were] critical of somebody who associates themselves with America First and the political values that I value.

Jewish UFC fighter destroys white supremacist

“As a defender of that, and as a former martial arts experience trained person myself, I thought it would be fun to come spar.”

He also insisted he was just “messing around” in the online exchange between him and Levy, and that he is “not a hateful person”.

When challenged on his support of Fuentes – a man designated a “white supremacist” by the US Department of Justice – Ben insisted the America First founder is a “revisionist” when it comes to the Holocaust.

“Whether it would be numbers that might have been different over the years … I mean, they say six million.

“The six million number puts more faces to the name, because a lot of people know people who are Jewish,” he said.

In pretty brutal fight scenes, Ben ends up taken to the floor and beaten into submission, stressing he was “tapping” out and even letting out an “I’m sorry” at one point.

After their fight, Ben addresses the camera and finally acknowledges that “six million Jews were … murdered in the Holocaust” and admits he needs to “be more well-researched”.

Levy added: “He came in and was like, ‘oh, I’m not a hateful person, I was just trolling online’.

“Like, OK, so you’re not a neo-Nazi but you’re still a troll.”

The pro fighter also summed it up well by saying the session was a “classic case of f*** around and find out”.

Ben’s defeat to Levy has since been branded “beautiful” on Twitter/X, with the Jewish sportsman praised for “doing the Lord’s work”:

And the video didn’t end there, either, as another troll entered the gym and got into the cage with another professional fighter - Shimon Smotritsky – and that ended with the troll, named Cee-Jay, with a bloody mouth and blood-splattered T-shirt.


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