John Terry has joined Twitter and it didn’t take long before he mocked someone’s wife

John Terry, a white man with short black hair, smiles as he looks at something to his right. He wears a black collared jumper.
Naomi Baker - The FA/Getty Images

Former Chelsea and England footballer, John Terry, may no longer be kicking a ball around but he’s certainly tackling a few comments from trolls on his brand-new Twitter account, which he started using on Saturday.

The ex-England player confirmed that it was his official profile on Sunday, posting a video of himself ahead of a morning run.

“Yes, this is my official account. I’m going to be getting my blue tick at some point this week,” he tweeted.

As well as confirming his identity, Terry has been busy retweeting welcome messages and videos from his time at Chelsea shared by his fans. He’s expressed an interest in getting involved in the NFT community, too.

He’s also been responding to those who tried their luck at roasting the former professional footballer, and he didn’t hold back.

One user, who responded to a welcome tweet from former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen to say “best make sure his wife doesn’t follow him”.

The user got a reply from Terry which read: “Your [sic] safe David, just seen yours on your account.”

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The tweet was accompanied with two emojis – one of a person laughing and a pig.


It appears David came back for more, as the footballer later responded that “she can’t be that bad she doesn’t even make it on your Twitter account”.

Terry’s harsh putdowns have since shocked other users and his followers:

And it was so bad that the man in question, David, has since protected his tweets.

Other notable responses from JT include a reply to a Manchester United fan, who posted a clearly emotional picture of the centre-back in the rain during a match.

“That’s the Man Utd fans after today and realising your [sic] five years away from catching Chelsea,” he quipped.

When someone suggested that their granddad could “outrun” the sportsman, Terry simply replied: “You try carrying 17 [trophies] and running.”

And I wouldn’t point out that he used the wrong “you’re” in his tweets either, as he went on to call one individual who did a “doughnut”.

Even when he’s off the pitch, Terry is still firing shots…

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