NFL star JuJu Smith-Schuster turned pouring water into a cup a must watch event

NFL star JuJu Smith-Schuster turned pouring water into a cup a must watch event
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Wholesome content is at a premium right now, and NFL star JuJu Smith-Schuster has helped to provide some much-needed light relief with an incredible new video.

The Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver brought us two of the most exciting minutes on the internet recently with one of the simplest games we could ever imagine.

He took on the water cup challenge with a squad of pals, and the rules couldn't be easier to understand.

There’s a cup of water on a table. Each player then takes turns to pour more water into the already full cup.

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It gets fuller and fuller, and whichever player causes the water to spill out onto the table is the loser.

It sounds like a nice harmless game, but there is a forfeit – whoever loses gets thrown into the pool – and the clip ends up being basically as anxiety-inducing as a Safdie Brothers movie.

As the cup gets fuller, the surface tension cranks up and the water seems to defy gravity by rising up over the rim.

The footage gets more and more tense as the water rises, only for one unlucky player to tip it over and get flung in the pool.

Smith-Schuster has built a big following on TikTok over recent years, and we’re on tenterhooks for the whichever surprisingly compelling video like this he posts next.

It’s not the only NFL-related story to come to our attention over recent days, either.

Smith-Schuster joined the Kansas City Chiefs from the Steelers in 2022Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

It comes after Tom Brady has asked for a crypto trader to help out a fan who paid a six-figure sum for his "last touchdown" ball to donate a Bitcoin to the charity of choice of a fan.

The 44-year-old shocked the world when he announced his retirement last month - and shocked everyone again when out of the blue he announced he was un-retiring.

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