KSI is fighting iShowSpeed in the boxing ring - everything you need to know

KSI is fighting iShowSpeed in the boxing ring - everything you need to know
Jake Paul mocks KSI after loss to Tommy Fury
ESPN, Jake Paul

Two of the biggest names on YouTube are planning to face off in the ring, with KSI and iShowSpeed agreeing to a boxing match later this month.

The pair have agreed to a ‘sparring bout’ on December 15 in order to raise money for charity.

It’s not far away, and the timing might seem a little impromptu – but there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the date.

iShowSpeed called out KSI at the end of November, committing to take on the streamer in the ring, and it could be very bad news for Jake Paul.

Why? Because the pair have agreed to take to the ring at the same time as Paul’s upcoming fight against Andre August.

KSI and iShowSpeed will go toe to toe at 4am UK time, which is the same time that Paul and August are set to make their ring walk.

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The fight will be streamed on YouTube and all money raised through ads and via donations set to be donated to the Anthony Walker Foundation.

The timing, surely, is no coincidence, as KSI and Jake Paul have been locked into a bitter feud for some time.

It wasn’t long ago that Jake vowed to “decapitate” KSI at some point in the future.

Speaking about KSI’s loss to Tommy Fury, Jake said: “This kid’s ego is out of control, kicking the screens, crying, stuttering, asking for an appeal. This guy is 30 years old.

“Take it like a man, don’t be a sore loser, you lost. Tommy had a point deducted and you still lost.

“I still want to decapitate KSI. We have to finish what we started, and the Tommy Fury rematch is right there.

“Tommy’s going to want that payday. Payday, Tommy, payday!”

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