Mike Parry is furious that Everton player Dominic Calvert-Lewin appeared in a TV advert while injured

Mike Parry is furious that Everton player Dominic Calvert-Lewin appeared in a TV advert while injured

Broadcaster Mike Parry has been mocked after complaining that Everton player Dominic Calvert-Lewin appeared in an advert while injured.

The former Talksport host went on a bizarre tirade after Calvert-Lewin appeared in a commercial that was aired during his team’s match against Brentford on Sunday.

Calvert-Lewin has been out since August, at first due to a fractured toe. He later sustained a thigh injury so wasn’t playing in Sunday’s match.

But, during coverage of the game, the 24-year old appeared in a Braun advert after the company announced Calvert-Lewin as their first-ever UK brand ambassador.

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This seems to have particularly peeved off Parry, who went on a bizarre rant on Twitter and slated Calvert-Lewin’s appearance in the advert.

Parry tweeted: “Have I accidentally been eating magic mushrooms or is this really @Everton centre-forward @CalvertLewin14 advertising a shaver on TV at half-time of the live coverage of our game as Everton are losing 1-0... He’s too injured to play but fit enough to be in an advert. I despair.”

Of course, it goes without saying that the adverts aired are not in fact live but are pre-recorded which plenty of people pointed out to the 66-year-old. And we’re pretty sure a thigh or toe injury won’t affect anyone’s ability to shave. And so the mocking ensued...

Responding to someone who pointed this out to him, Parry said he thinks the advert was pre-recorded but added that “it’s so long and multi-visual” and so reckons “it took a couple of days to film.”

“THEN it’s slotted in to the half-time break of today’s game as @Everton are losing,” he added before asking, “ anybody out there as appalled as me?”

It seems the answer is no, as people continued to troll Parry for doubling down on his argument and for thinking that the scoreline somehow impacts what adverts get shown during the break.

After being duly roasted for his takes, Parry thanked everyone for their feedback, but continued to reiterate his point.

The broadcaster tweeted: “OK FOLKS .. thanks for all your feed-back on @Everton centre forward @CalvertLewin14 .. My salient point is that Everton are struggling against Brentford and the 1st view we get of our injured centre-forward is a TV advert in the half-time break as he’s promoting shavers .. Que!”

It’s not the first time Parry has slammed Calvert-Lewin for a TV appearance while injured either.

Earlier this month, Parry said he was “appalled” to see Calvert-Lewin appear as a guest on Sky Sports ahead of Everton’s match against Wolves on November 1.

“I am absolutely appalled to see @Everton striker Dominic Calvert-Lewin @CalvertLewin14 having a laugh and a shout on the @SkySports show in the build up to tonight’s game v Wolves ..”

He added: “Get out of TV studios Dominic and get back into physiotherapy .. what on earth are you thinking?”

He didn’t stop there and his rant continued, exclaiming how he was “appalled” (again) before asking “what’s he doing in a TV studio .. why isn’t he still in physio .. how can @rafabenitezweb allow this.”

Safe to assume he’s not a fan of the striker... at least until he comes back from injury anyway.

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