Ice-rink left drenched in blood after brutal hit during NHL game that stunned commentators

Ice-rink left drenched in blood after brutal hit during NHL game that stunned commentators
Team Canada’s men’s hockey team a mix of veterans, newcomers

The ice-rink was left covered in blood after NHL star Nathan MacKinnon faced a brutal hit during a game - and it stunned commentators.

The gruesome incident happened on Wednesday, minutes into Colorado Avalanche's seeming advantage against the Boston Bruins in Denver.

MacKinnon, the centre and alternate captain for the Avalanche team, ended up getting trucked by Bruins winger Taylor Hall as he tried to get the puck.

Video footage showed that Hall's shoulder collided into MacKinnon's face, and, unfortunately for the champion, his own stick clipped him in the face.

MacKinnon laid on the ice for many minutes, oozing blood all over the rink before he got help from the trainers back into the locker room.

"Oh, there's a bad hit by Taylor Hall on MacKinnon - got him right in the head," said a commentator.

"There is a penalty on the play. Both referees have their arms in the air as the athletic trainer comes out. Oh no," he added as referees appeared to try to break up fights from happening between the two teams off the ice.

"There is blood all over ice from the face of Nathan MacKinnon, and he is down. He tried to get up, and he just wobbled back to the ice," the first commentator continued.

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"The look on Taylor Hall's face when he came to the bench to my right was one of a player that didn't understand what he did or how it happened or that it was something that was done on purpose," another commentator chimed in.

MacKinnon ended up leaving early, and it isn't transparent as to the extent of his injuries.

The Avalanche team only said that it was an "upper-body" issue, according to TMZ.

However, given the video and images floating around, MacKinnon definitely faced a significant blow to his face.

Despite the incident and the lack of their best player for the majority of the evening, Avalanche won against the Bruins at 4-3.

Check out the bloody moment for yourself below, if you dare:

Nathan MacKinnon bloodied after a hit by Taylor

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