NFL teams with problematic histories are being called ‘hypocrites’ for taking part in Blackout Tuesday

NFL teams with problematic histories are being called ‘hypocrites’ for taking part in Blackout Tuesday

Blackout Tuesday saw millions of people across the world turn their social media feeds black in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and for justice for George Floyd.

Some brands and organisations also took part in the widespread trend, with activists pointing out that it was actually suppressing their voices and those reporting on the ongoing situation in the US.

Sports teams also took part in the event with mixed results. In the UK, football teams either posted the black image or took the knee, with only a small minority calling out racist comments in response.

In the US, many NFL sides also took part but some should have really read the room before sharing anything about Black Lives Matter on social media.

New York City Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called out the Washington Redskins for taking part in the stance, mostly because their name is derogatory towards Native Americans, a criticism that has been aimed at the team for decades.

Perhaps even more alarming was the fact that the San Francisco 49ers took part in Blackout Tuesday.

This is controversial as the 49ers were the team that Colin Kaepernick used to play for but was released and effectively forced out of the league after he took a knee during the US national anthem in protest to police brutality.

Although Kapernick did choose to not sign a new contract with the team it has been reported that he was going to be cut anyway and as a result has not played for a team since 2017, despite being an acclaimed quarterback.

People were quick to accuse the 49ers of hypocriscy with many mentioning the saga with Kaepernick.

It wasn't just the NFL who caught flack either.

World Wrestling Entertainment who have a long-running history of using racist words on their television show, not supporting black wrestlers, as well as having the likes of Hulk Hogan and Donald Trump in their 'Hall of Fame' were heavily criticised for 'condemning racial injustice.'

Perhaps more than ever, certain institutions should be reflecting on their histories before they take part in token gestures against racism.

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