Paul Scholes leaves people baffled after his daughter posts Instagram video of him ‘chewing her toenails’

Former Manchester United footballer Paul Scholes has gone viral after his daughter posted a video where he seemingly chews her toenails.

Scholes’ 20-year-old daughter Alicia shared the video with her 68,000 followers on her Instagram story on Saturday.

Writing the caption “true love” over the three-second clip, she filmed her 46-year-old dad appearing to gnaw at her big toe.

The video quickly went viral, with a repost from Football For All on Twitter racking up over two million views.

Naturally, people were baffled by the video.

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Biting nails is popular among parents of young children as an alternative to using metal clippers.

Viewers questioned what was going on, with some throwing out ridiculous suggestions for what the context could be. One Twitter user guessed he may have been using her toenail as a toothpick:

Others roasted Scholes with memes and reaction videos.

Twitter is also brimming with puns, with some referring to Scholes as being part of the “class of ninety toe”.

Scholes was trending on Twitter for most of the weekend.

Out of curiosity, some clicked to find out why he was in the news — and instantly regretted it:

We’re not entirely sure what was going on in this video, but witnessing such a bizarre ‘Schole’-destroying video certainly started our Sunday off on the wrong foot.

Indy100 has reached out to Paul and Alicia Scholes for comment.

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