Piers Morgan mocks Alexi Lalas for 'annoying' rendition of US national anthem

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Both England and the USA are through to the World Cup knockout stages - but Piers Morgan and ex-USMNT captain Alexi Lalas can't agree on which of their nations will do better in the tournament but maybe they'll agree on the latter's singing skills.

As a result of qualifying past the group stages, England (Group B winners) now faces Senegal (Group A runners-up) on December 4 while the USA (Group B runners-up) will play the Netherlands (Group A winners) on December 3.

When Morgan appeared on FOX Soccer, he was asked which team between the US and England will go further in the tournament, there were no surprises as to the English broadcaster's answer.

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"Of course, it's England,' he told Fox Sports' Katie Abdo.

"We'll beat Senegal then we're into the last eight. You, I think sadly, I think the run will end and honestly I do, against the Netherlands, they're a good team, and they're probably more experienced at this kind of level of tournament football."

While Morgan noted the US has a "very young team" where the average age is 24, he also added: "I've been very excited by the way Team USA play. If you had a striker I would back them to go further."

Though Lalas hit back with his prediction that there will be a success for the USA while England will crash out of the competition.

'You'll be very excited when the United States beats the Netherlands and you guys bomb out against Senegal. We can come back here and have a big, ol' party,' Lalas replied, prompting laughter from Morgan.

"Do you know what? I might actually fly back just for the post-mortem," Morgan responded.

Meanwhile, the former LA Galaxy player noted how his nation's performance improves when they're the "underdogs" which the side will be when facing the Netherlands and he also gave the recent goalless draw between the USA and England as an example.

Morgan argued how the USA doesn't have a "bonafide striker" while England is in a better position because "we have strikers coming out of our ears."

Later on, Morgan took to Twitter to share his thoughts on comments involving Lalas - but didn't specifically reference what the pundit said.

Piers Morgan tweeted about hearing "one of the most disturbing things" on live television involving ex-USMT captain Alexi LalasTwitter/piersmorgan

"I just witnessed one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen, or rather heard, in 25 years of live television. You may be unsurprised to hear it involved @AlexiLalas …" he tweeted.

Perhaps it was Lalas's predictions for England and the USA that Morgan found so "disturbing?"

Or maybe it was Lalas belting out the American National Anthem live on air after the USA defeated Iran that Morgan was referring to...

"And they call ME annoying…. Congratulations to @AlexiLalas on the worst rendition of the American National Anthem in recorded history…" Morgan tweeted when resharing the clip.

The US and the Netherlands are 1-4 in terms of their historical friendlies, while England and Senegal have never faced each other in a competitive or friendly fixture.

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