Piers Morgan does not hide his support and admiration for Donald Trump and is more than happy to call out his critics should anyone dare to stand up against the president.

The most notable person to recently take on the president is Megan Rapinoe the captain of the United States Women's football team, who has become one of the breakout stars of the World Cup for her sports skills as well as her comments.

In a recently surfaced interview, the star said that she 'wouldn't go to the f***king White House' which drew the ire of Trump who tried to criticise her comments on Twitter.

After scoring the opening goal in the United States' 2-1 win over France in the quarter-finals on Friday evening, Rapinoe celebrated with her arms aloft for the whole world to see and instantly became an icon.

Morgan took umbrage with the 33-year-olds celebration claiming that she 'loves herself' and that he hopes England, who play the US in Tuesday night's semi-final, can 'dent her stupendous ego.'

This should hardly be a shock as Morgan his hardly the biggest supporter of women in the world but just two days after posting his tweet he would completely contradict himself.

While watching England's win over India in the Cricket World Cup on Sunday, he praised batsmen Jonny Bairstow for his century of runs and shared an image of the cricketer pulling an almost identical pose to that of Rapinoe's.

Let's just say that it didn't go unnoticed.

Some felt that he was merely trying to show support for England, which is his country after all but feels a little too coincidental giving Rapinoe's comment's about his mate in the White House.

Morgan's tweet about Bairstow was hypocritical in more ways than one as just a few hours before he was complaining about the lack of support for England at Edgbaston only to share a screenshot from Sky Sports.

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