Piers Morgan sparks debate after saying ‘nobody cares’ about Tokyo Olympics

Piers Morgan sparks debate after saying ‘nobody cares’ about Tokyo Olympics

The outspoken broadcaster and journalist Piers Morgan has sparked controversy on social media after he claimed that “nobody cares about these Covid-ravaged Olympics.”

Morgan said on Sunday that he felt “sorry for all the athletes still trying to live their Olympic dream” in Tokyo. He also tagged gold medallist Adam Peaty, claiming that the swimmer shares the same sentiment, before concluding that the games should have “either further postponed or cancelled” until the pandemic is under control.

Although the athletes are competing in front have largely empty stadiums and arenas, which is no doubt difficult, many – including the BBC’s Gary Lineker and Gabby Logan, as well as actual Olympians – claimed that the games are inspiring people at a time when we all need it the most.

Of course, there were a few individuals who agreed with Morgan who later decided to double down on his comments by insulting athletes who won a bronze medal which he believes is not worth of “national celebration.” Bit rich coming from an Arsenal fan...

His bronze medal remark would undoubtedly get him on to the podium for bad takes and provoked a furious backlash.

Morgan was really on one on Monday and decided to use diver Tom Daley, who had just won a gold medal, to take a pop at those struggling to overcome mental health issues. He had also earlier criticised the German women’s gymnastics team, who are protesting the sexualisation of their sport by wearing unitards at the Olympics, when he shared a picture of Daley and his diving partner Matty Lee saying it was “shocking & shameful that male divers have to wear such overtly sexualising skimpy briefs at the Olympics.”

As you can see from the amount of interactions Logan got from her tweet compared to Morgan’s, you’d have to conclude that he might have come second in this debate.

`ll we can say is that Morgan has another two weeks of the Olympics to put up with so, for his own sake, he might be better just sitting there and enjoying it like everyone else.

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