Americans keep booing the Queen at sports events

Americans keep booing the Queen at sports events
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Since Queen Elizabeth II's death on Thursday, several public events have paid tribute to Her Majesty with a moment of silence but it seems Americans aren't too fond of the moment.

In the UK, football matches were canceled as citizens paid homage to the Queen of 70 years.

But in the US, sports continued to play on with many adding a moment of silence for the 96-year-old monarch. However, it seems many Americans did not take kindly to it as "boos" erupted at a UFC fight and an NFL game.

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During Thursday's NFL kickoff game between the Los Angeles Rams and Buffalo Bills, attendees tweeted that during the tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, fans expressed their distaste for the Queen.

People criticized NFL fans for booing the tribute to the Queen saying it was tasteless.

Then during the UFC 279 fight on Saturday, videos of fans in the arena booing the Queen during a tribute went viral on Twitter.

One Twitter user, Alissa Visalli, tweeted that there were people booing the Queen at a Philadelphia Union game, calling it "rude" and "classless".

"The people at the Union game last night that booed during the moment of silence for the Queen should be ashamed of themselves. It was classless, rude, and childish," she wrote.

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