Sidemen FC score 8-5 win against YouTube All-Stars in latest charity match

Sidemen FC score 8-5 win against YouTube All-Stars in latest charity match

YouTube supergroup The Sidemen secured their third successive win in their latest charity match on Saturday, with a final score of 8-5 against the YouTube All-Stars at the London Stadium.

The group of content creators - comprising Olajide “KSI” Olatunji, Simon “Miniminter” Minter, Josh “Zerkaa” Bradley, Tobi “TBJZL” Brown, Harry “WroeToShaw” Lewis, Ethan “Behzinga” Payne and Vikram “Vikram” Barn – played to a crowd of more than 60,000 people at the event, raising money for BrightSide, the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), Teenage Cancer Trust, Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity and M7 Education.

At the time of writing, more than £2 million has been raised for the charities.

Alongside the seven members of the Sidemen, Sidemen FC were joined by the likes of Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson, Deji Olatunji (best known by his former online alias “ComedyShortsGamer” – he’s also KSI’s brother) and rapper Jamie “JME” Adenuga.

Meanwhile, members of the YouTube All-Stars included Niko Omilana, Sean “Jacksepticeye” McLoughlin, Jidion Adams, Max Fosh and Darren “IShowSpeed” Watkins Jr.

Speed’s attendance at the charity match had to be reconfirmed last month, amid fears he would have to pull out due to health issues.

Kai Cenat put the ball in the back of the net around five minutes into the game, but it was offside, with the first valid goal coming some three minutes later from Behzinga.

Close to 15 minutes into the game, the YouTube All-Stars scored their leveller, with YouTuber Chris “ChrisMD” Dixon slipping past the defence to score a goal KSI couldn't save.

KSI was placed in goal to avoid an injury ahead of his match against Tommy Fury next month, and unfortunately, it was Theo Baker - who had hip surgery last year - who was taken off in a stretcher after sustaining an injury in the first half-hour.

Minutes away from half-time, Miniminter scored the second goal for Sidemen FC, and Amin "Chunkz" Mohamed got a goal off a deflection to bring it to 2-2.

At half-time, the YouTube All-Stars had the most shots and possession, and a special performance was given by rapper Harrison “Aitch” Armstrong.

The second half began with two quick goals in succession for Sidemen FC from YouTuber and musician Manny Brown (brother to Tobi), followed by a penalty awarded to the YouTube All-Stars following a tackle of ChrisMD.

Fan favourite Speed took it, but it was easily saved by KSI (with a "sui" to rub it in), although Max Fosh came through and avenged the blunder with a goal to take it to 4-3 moments later.

It also saw chaotic scenes from both goalkeepers. KSI ventured out of the box to manoeuvre the ball, leaving the goal open only for a shot to be blocked by Callum "Calfreezy" Airey, while streamer Félix "XQC" Lengyel left enough room for TBJZL to score the fifth goal.

Manny scored a hat-trick to take it to 6-3 before an erroneous save of a shot from Chunkz by KSI saw the ball taken over the line to give YouTube All-Stars their fourth goal.

And away from the goals, hilarity ensued when Fosh responded to the first booking of the match with the good ol' Uno reverse card for referee Mark Clattenburg in the 77th minute.

WroeToShaw took it to 7-4 minutes later, before the YouTube All-Stars tried to claw it back with five minutes to go with a goal from Omilana.

In extra time, cameraman Tareq only cemented Sidemen FC's win with the eighth goal, and despite KSI wanting to steer clear of playing on the field to avoid an injury, he decided to venture out of the box in the final few minutes before the whistle blew and gave Sidemen FC their latest victory.

The first Sidemen charity match took place in 2016, won by Sidemen FC in a 7-2 victory, before YouTube All-Stars secured their first win a year later with two goals.

Sidemen FC then built up a winning streak, scoring successive wins in 2018 and 2022.

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