These are apparently the most and least attractive fans in the Premier League

Louis Dor
Wednesday 30 September 2015 11:50

A survey has revealed the Premier League of attraction, ranking which top flight supporters are most and least attractive to other fans.

Only eight per cent of top tier supporters say football is more important to them than their love life, so there is a minimal chance the team you support could have an affect on your love life.

Bournemouth apparently has the most attractive supporters in the top flight, with 58 per cent of rivals saying they’d be happy to date them, according to the survey of 1,028 Premier League supporters between 3-9 September by Opinium, commissioned by Match.

(Unedited picture: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

Southampton were a close second, with 57 per cent saying they'd see a Saint, with Norwich and Manchester City supporters also securing spots in the Champions league, so to speak.

Meanwhile, Sunderland, Manchester United and Chelsea has the fewest number of rival supporters that would be happy to date them, with the West London club coming outright last.

Rivalries also factored into the results, as a quarter of Liverpool supporters said they would never date an Everton fan.

The Premier League of attraction was as follows:

1. AFC Bournemouth
2. Southampton
3. Norwich City
4. Manchester City
5. Swansea City
6. Newcastle United
7. Aston Villa
8. Leicester City
9. Arsenal
10. Everton
11. Watford
12. West Ham United
13. Liverpool
14. West Bromwich Albion
15. Crystal Palace
16. Tottenham Hotspur
17. Stoke City
18. Sunderland
19. Manchester United
20. Chelsea

A small percentage of supporters said they would not date someone who supported a rival club, and 11 per cent said they'd be prepared to switch allegiances to placate a partner.

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