Trump campaign manager deletes photo of Air Force One at Daytona 500 because it's from 2004

Trump campaign manager deletes photo of Air Force One at Daytona 500 because it's from 2004

On Sunday, Donald Trump was in attendance at the Daytona 500 NASCAR race in Florida, where he presided over the event as 'grand marshal.'

Trump is only the second president to ever attend the motor sport spectacular which has a strong tradition in the American south, in what was almost certainly an attempt to appeal to fans in that particular area of the country.

While this shouldn't be a surprise it was perhaps a little odd to see the official presidential limo, aka 'The Beast,' take to the track and lead the cars in a warm-up lap, with Trump lapping up the applause.

As we mentioned, Trump is the second president after George W Bush to go to Daytona 500, which is where this image tweeted then awkwardly deleted by Trump's campaign manager, Brad Parscale comes from.

As reported by CNN, the photograph was originally taken by Jonathan Ferrey on February 15, 2004, as Air Force One took off from Daytona Beach International Airport which is adjacent to the race track.

The tweet stayed published for three hours before Parscale deleted it but not many people noticed that the photograph was actually 16 years old and it continues to be circulated on social media.

Speaking to CNN, Ferrey said:

I have a lot of talented colleagues photographing the Daytona 500 this year. I am unfortunately not there today, but apparently I won the Daytona 500 photography before the race even started.

Parscale did then share an image of the aircraft which we can only presume is definitely from Sunday's event.

That being said Trump's stay in Daytona Beach was short-lived as he reportedly left before the race even began, which was eventually rained off.

Although we should hardly be surprised at Trump pulling a stunt like this the fact that he did is still pretty unbelievable and Twitter was more than happy to ridicule him for it.


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