Uber Eats customer discovers driver has same name as Brazilian footballer and things only got better

Uber Eats customer discovers driver has same name as Brazilian footballer and things only got better
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If you are lucky enough to be able to afford them then takeaway meals have become a staple go-to solution for dinner during lockdown and its lead to some interesting moments.

Many stories have revolved around tips and how much extra money customers should or shouldn’t be given to the delivery drivers. However, this is a slightly different story.

As SportBible reports, Jordan Brightman-Charles a Chelsea fan in London ordered a McDonalds’ meal for himself last Tuesday via Uber Eats.

Nothing out of the ordinary with that until Jordan noticed the name of his driver who was called Roberto Carlos. Yes, the driver had the exact same name as famous former Brazil and Real Madrid defender, regarded by some as one of the best full-backs to ever play football.

Jordan shared a screengrab of his driver's name and his tweet so went viral and has received more than 10,000 retweets at the time of writing, complete with the witty remark ‘Man’s gonna ping me my food from 40 yards out’ a reference to Carlos’ signature powerful shot.

With his tweet going viral Jordan told SportBible that he learned from talking to Roberto Carlos, the driver not the footballer was actually named after the singer of the same name and not the former World Cup and Champions League winner, who also played for the likes of Inter Milan and Fenerbahce.

Things didn’t end there for Jordan either. As he was tucking into his food he started to get messages from his friends telling him to look at his notifications. Low and behold the actual Roberto Carlos, the footballer this time had jokingly replied to the original tweet asking him how his food was.

What an eventful Uber Eats order, oh and just in case you are wondering Jordan did confirm that he tipped Roberto Carlos, the driver.

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