With the joy of live sport comes the irritation of spectators letting professionals know where they're supposedly going wrong. One boisterous fan got his comeuppance in one of Wimbledon's most endearing and hilarious moments yet.

In the equivalent of a backseat driver muttering instructions to Lewis Hamilton, a man shouted advice from the stands to a four-time Grand Slam winner.

But rather than chastising him for his cheek, Kim Cjisters beckoned rowdy Chris Quinn onto the court during her invitation doubles match.

She collapsed to the floor in hysterics as the man squeezed into her spare tight, white skirt.

Somehow, he got the skirt on - and, even more remarkably, managed to return her serve. Though it looped high, it did at least land over the net.

Sadly, his second shot was less successful. Serves him right.

Quinn got a quick photo with the players before returning to his seat with some incredible memories. He tweeted:

Quinn plans to auction the skirt for charity, proving that hecklers do have hearts.

HT Telegraph

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