Wordle: Study Reveals Cheating Tripled Since NYT Acquired Game

Wordle has taken the world by storm, with millions taking a punt at guessing the daily five-letter word and The New York Times buying the game - it's no surprise that similar spin-offs are being created.

From Quordle for those who like more of a challenge, to Heardle for music-lovers, now there is even a Wordle-inspired game for footy fans to put their football prowess to the test.

The Missing 11 website created in February has two games that can test both your historical and current match player knowledge, with the "Missing 11" game and the new "Who Are Ya?" puzzle.

For the Missing 11 game, users have to guess the starting eleven players from a historical football match which is set daily - for example, today's match is Barcelona's 2-0 win against Galatasaray in the Champions League at Ali Sami Yen on 24/9/2002.

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The game gives you the number of letters that are contained in each of the starting eleven players' names, and you have eight chances to guess each footballer correctly.

And just like Wordle, if you have the right letter in the correct place it turns green, then yellow for the correct letter in the wrong place and grey for if the name doesn't contain the letter you guessed.

A screenshot from the Missing 11 game with today's challenge (March 10)Missing 11

Now, the website has created an easier spin-off version of this with the "Who are ya?" game, where users have to guess the football player.

It begins with a blurred photo of the footballer where you can take a guess, though the game warns: " Don't trust the colours as they have been manipulated."

With each guess the image will become slightly less blurred.

Once your first answer, it then gives the details of your guess such as their nationality, league (one of the “Big Five” European leagues: England’s Premier League, the German Bundesliga, Spain’s La Liga, France’s Ligue 1, and Italy’s Serie A), club, position and age.

Another rule is that they only have to have played a single game in the 2021-22 season.

What appears on 'Who Are Ya?' when you input your first guessMissing 11 - Who Are Ya?

Again like Wordle, if you guess matches the details of the mystery footballer then they turn green, if not they turn grey, so for example, if you incorrect guess is a French player but the correct answer is another French player then the nationality category will turn green.

You have eight guesses to find the correct answer.

When entering a guess, a drop-down appears which automatically suggests player names based on the letters you enter.

It appears people on social media have been enjoying the two challenges and have been posting their scores on Twitter using emojis.

So, footy fans can now put their knowledge to the test with these Wordle soccer spin-offs.

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