Mike Hewitt/FIFA Getty and Matt Benton/Twitter

Harry Maguire has commended a fan who got his face tattooed on his chest.

England fan Matt Benton pledged that if Harry Maguire scored against Sweden, he was getting the footballer’s face tattooed on his chest.

Maguire scored the first goal of the match 30 minutes in.

And so Benton followed through with his promise, and got himself tatted up.

Other England fans commended Benton for keeping his promise.

But the tattoo itself got...mixed reactions...

And people couldn't help but comment on its permanence.

Benton even got the attention of Maguire himself, who 'couldn't believe' the fan had got his face tattooed on his skin:

Can't believe what I'm seeing...Great effort. DM me and I'll sort out a signed England shirt from the lads.

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