Hilarious moment bride is pooped on while getting married

Hilarious moment bride is pooped on while getting married
Jammed church doors delays bride in funny wedding fail

Brides are traditionally told to wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue at their wedding to bring luck to their marriage - but one bride received something extra when a bird pooped on her during the ceremony.

In a TikTok posted by Wedding and Event Videographer @chiolafilms, the bride and groom stood opposite each other and were reading their vows stood at their outdoor aisle, when the uninvited guest decided to crash proceedings.

"The past year and a half, you have been working so hard to make sure we can build the home of our dreams," the bride said before the camera picks up on the poop falling from the sky which lands on the bride.

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“Did I just get s**t on?” the shocked bride then asked.


Bride gets pooped on during Vows!! This is good luck right?? #weddingtik #weddingvows #goodluck #birdpoop

"I don’t know," the groom replied, as he helped his wife clean herself up while also struggling to contain his laughter.

“Oh my God. Are you kidding me? Yeah it s**t on me!” she exclaimed to guests, promoting further giggles.

"It smells. It smells pretty bad!" the groom admitted.

For the on-screen caption, the wedding videographer asked: "This is good luck, right?!" Viewers confirmed this to be true in the comments section (which can be some comfort to the newlyweds at least).

One person wrote: "It is good luck!!!! Unfortunate timing though," as the TikToker replied: "Lol it’s almost like the bird tried sabotaging their wedding."

"It's definitely good luck!!!" another person agreed.

A bird pooping on us is considered good luck and is perhaps the most famous of bird superstitions which originated from Russia, according to Garden Bird.

The reason it is said to be lucky is because the chances of a bird pooping on you are actually quite low - who knew?

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